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Finish Butterfly

I have just finish my Mosiacs project on my Butterfly awesome Ka Rawe 

Recycling canvases!

Recycling old canvases so they can be used for someone else's masterpiece!

Snow Blizzard

We had a relaxing time in the sensory room sleeping on the bean Bags enjoying the quiet time. The wind was blowing around the room like a blizzard. Then we had a cosy fire burning to watch 

Arts and crafts

   I have just painted my mums vase looking good 

Girls Group

I painted Justine's finger nails in Girls group, I chose the colour and Justine liked it. 

Table tennis

I played table tennis with my friend Fiona it was so much fun.

Tropical Gardens

Yesterday I went to the gardens just behind the Elms. What I did is we were looking at some tropical plants including a peace Lilly Similar to the one at Arohanui . We also saw the Rose Gardens with a Statue. It was a awesome day. 

Snowman Santa

In art in craft I made a snowman Santa it has arms with sticks looking good 

Dishing the Macaroni Cheese

Here I am making Macaroni Cheese and I am putting it into a dish and then it will go into the oven to bake. 

Girls Group

Have a good look at my hairstyle 

Zest Cafe

Lily and I are having our hot drinks just relaxing and enjoying ourselves 

Club Sandwiches

Doing an eggsellent job at making curried egg club sandwiches! They were cracking! 

Arohanui weather report

Today was my first iMessage reading out the weather report at catch up this morning.


I am Mosaicing a butterfly, I started with mirrored pieces around the edge, now I am working on the middle part. Doesn't it look awesome!!

Personal Books

I am working on my personal book.


In cooking we have been making Parkin. Parkin is a cake made in England to celebrate Guy Fawkes. It had golden syrup and oats I had to melt the butter and golden syrup on the stove. The next thing I had to do is pour the mix into the cake tin and put it in the oven for 50 minutes at 160 degrees. 

The Elms

I went to the Elms yesterday afternoon I used to work there in 2016. it is a beautiful place to go and walk around the gardens. 

Going to see the Royal Family

Today I am going to Rotorua to go and see Prince Harry and Meghan and I am ready in my nice dress. I hope I will get to meet them both.

Mossop's Honey Shop!

Here are some photos of me and my friends at Mossop's Honey 


Two weeks ago, I went to SPCA and was a natural with the cats. This cat was shy, but it soon warmed to me, so much so, that it let me pick it up. I combed it's fur whilst it relaxed in its bed.