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Showing posts from October, 2020

Duncan’s 31st

Last Friday it was  Duncan's Birthday which  he bought in a nice strawberry cake it was nice. I gave him some posies for his birthday present but he liked it. I was singing Happy Birthday to him in Maori.  

The lakes Water Park

 Here I am at the water park enjoying myself 

Volunteering for the Foundation for the Blind

 On the 16th of October Paul and I were collecting donations for the foundation for the blind. we volunteered from 1pm to 2pm which it was a good day. 

Latin dancing

 I did Latin dancing for Cultural Studies it was fun 

Art and Craft

 I have just finish my door stop looking good 

Warehouse at Fraser Cove

I went to the warehouse and I saw this awesome book that I would like to get maybe I might get that for Christmas if I am lucky   


 Today in cooking I have been making chocolate chip biscuits but I did a good job 

Culture Studies

On the 28th of September my sister Maureen came over with her kids to do some Irish dancing for Culture studies. I was introducing everybody to the dancers but they were awesome.  Anna and I were singing the Irish National Anthem Ireland’s Call   

2020 Talent Quest

 I did my talent quest which I came second overall Dee did my moko and had feathers in my hair so I looked the part 

Mo Maria Talent Quest

 Talent quest 2020 finals was held at Arohanui Greerton today! We had a blast!

Life Skills

  Here I am doing life skills what I am doing is cleaning the windows this is why I need to be Independent so I can do my own chores for myself