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Carrot Hummus

Today in cooking I made two different types of Hummus. First we made roasted vege hummus by using red Lentils with carrots and Kumara. I am not a fan of Beetroot it is not my favourite so I decided to take out my share before the Beetroot was added. 

Girls group

In girls group I had my face painted and finger nails painted.


I have just about finished my mosaic project and grouted it last week. Today I am going to paint the back of it and next week I will take it home. 

Banana Cake

In Cooking today we have been making a Birthday Cake for Mark. I had to mix the eggs into the butter and sugar mixture. I had to make I sure it stayed nice and fluffy here are some photos  

Drama Producation of Hansel and Gretel

On Wednesday the 4th of July we had our Drama Production.  I was Snow White I had to get my make up done and hair done with a red ribbon. It was a awesome day 


Today in cooking we have been making Beetroot Hummus and I used the food processor to mix all of the ingredients. It turned out in a pink colour 

Guide dog biscuits

Here we are packing the Guide Dog biscuits for fundraising for the Foundation for the Blind.