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Showing posts from May, 2021

Beach themed mindfulness

I am doing mindfulness and relaxing in the sensory room this is one of my goals   

Im in love with my hair

Last Wednesday Dee braided my hair for me I haven’t had my hair braided for a while  

CookIsland culture

In culture studies i learnt some more about cook island culture. I dressed up in pareu and I rolled play getting off a plane and being greeted Rarotonga. It was fun.   

Jewellery making

 today I made myself a cool bracelet in Jewellery  making. I chose the beads I wanted as well as an Irish bell and letters that spelt out Ireland in the native language. 

Horse Racing

  I had a awesome day at the horse racers it was  alot of fun 


I made a corsage in floristry today what I was using for greenery is basil from the Garden   

Marvellous monday

    In culture studies today I read a te reo book out loud to my group. Then I helped to translate the words into English.