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Showing posts from June, 2020

New Zealand Culture

In New Zealand Culture I am plating some Pois. I find the plating to hard but I am doing my best that’s the main thing. 


In cooking I have been making Chapatis and we made the chickpea curry as well and it was nice to try making delicious vegetarian Indian food. 

Irish Gnmoe

I am touching up my Irish gnome but my next job is painting a duck 🦆 

Girls Group

 In girls group today I just had hair chalk into my hair and had my hair straightened but I am looking good 

Garden Art Gnome

I have just finished my gnome looking Irish 

Nature studies

In nature studies I got caught up with what the group was doing. I also had a go at bubble painting to create a close up of a leaf. 


Today in floristry we have been making a blossom tree. I made the blossoms with tissue paper but it looks good 

Welcome Back

Yea I am back at Arohanui and I just had 12 weeks off work. To the coronavirus the coronavirus can kill the old and vulnerable so we decided to stay home and not catch it. I am happy to see all my friends again apart from my trip to Australia 🇦🇺 with Tina and Peter you guys are awesome and thank you once again for your time we had a great time. 

Garden art

I’m so happy to be back at Arohanui today. I enjoyed painting my gnome for the garden here at Arohanui.