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Art and Craft with Vanessa

I have been painting my Marae it is looking good here are some photos 


I have been updating my blog to catch things up what I have been up to 

Vegetable Soup

On Monday in Cooking we were making Vegetable soup. I had to cut some frozen celery then I put some cold ice down Jordon's shirt and she laughed her head off. It helped her to forget about the raw onions that made her eyes sweaty.  I was stirring the soup as it cooked to make sure it didn't burn on the bottom 

Girls Group Collage

Here is my collage that I did in Girls group 

Historic Village

Yesterday I went to the Historic Village. I had to show Ngaire and Jordon where I work at the Volunteering BOP I had to show them what my role was and what I do. I have a list of chores to do. Here are some photos to come.

My Wharenui