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Girls group

In Girls group today I made a hand scrub and now just done my nail polish to make it look Christmsy 

Girks Group

⁸  Today in girl's group I have put some Hans cream on and a bit of perfume so I can smell nice


I have just finished my chalk board but it is a Christmas gift for my niece I hope she will like it 


 I have just finished my Cushion I am happy with it I can’t wait to put it on my bed 

Girls Group

 Today in Girls group I made lip balm I choose pink 

Dress up day!

 Just loved the green for dress up! Green run through my veins!🍀

Spain is in the semi finals YAY!!!


Busy Monday!

I had so much fun with diferent scarfs and how to wear them. I also worked on my sewing  project.  


 Enjoying a hand massage in Girl's group.


 I am going to make a cushion and now I have some fabric to get me started 

Making Pasta

 Today in cooking we made pasta. I chopped the herbs into a bowl and added them to the sauce. We sprinkled a little cheese over the top of the pasta once it was all mixed together. it was so yummy!  

Girls group

 I had a nice time getting a manicure in girls group. I decided to choose a pretty shade of purple that was shiny and metallic. they looked great. 

Making Hummus

  Today we made a chickpea hummus we mix it in a food processor until smooth I had rice crackers it was nice with the hummus


 Today in cooking we made Bliss balls we put in the rolled oats dates, cocoa and coconut also peanut butter, we wizzed  it all up in the food processor I thought the bliss balls tasted nice, 

Cooking time

Today we made spaghetti cases, I grated the cheese also I had spaghetti and onion in my spaghetti case it was nice 

ANZAC fun day

  We had awesome ANZAC fun day  

ANZAC Karaoke

 I did the National Anthern for ANZAC  fun day 

Girls group

I just had my pampering down with my nail polish 

Jam Twist

 In cooking today we made some Jam twist with Loz  

trying out the fire truck hose!

On Monday the 13th of March we had Jordons Stepdad Steve  brought his fire truck with him and the Greerton fire service. I tried the fire hose and knocked over a cone. My cooking group made some cupcakes to say thank you   

Corn Fritters

 Today in cooking we made Corn Fritters , we added the Zucchini and the Paprika, I had some sweet Chilli sauce it was nice 


Today we made egg fried rice and I grated the Zucchini and I also fried the vegetables and the wok. We add the rice and the egg nd finished it with a tasty sauce I had chilli sauce because I like it spicy