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Japanese Culture

In Culture studies we have been studying about Japan. I bought my kimono I put it on for everyone to see and I bought in my photos of Japan 
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Grooming Skills

In grooming skills I am practising how to do my own hair which I am trying to do is tie my hair up in a pony tail. It takes me a lot of practise to get better at it.

Manicure at the lakes

Today I had my Manicure. I choose a purple nail polish it is my favourite colour. I had a nice lunch which I bought my own lunch it was nice apart from that I had  some sushi which I ate was the rice and chicken  but not the seaweed all I can say is it was a good day.

Wearable Arts dress

I was trying on the dress but I will be wearing it for the wearable arts competition 

Decor Garden Centre


Making posies in floristry

 I just made this posie for my sister Bernadette for her birthday present she really liked it

Christmas Shop at the Lakes

 Here I am at the shopping mall enjoying myself looking at the Xmas decorations and Santa, Hana Koko is the maori word for Santa Clause it was a good outing