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I made a corsage in floristry today what I was using for greenery is basil from the Garden   
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Marvellous monday

    In culture studies today I read a te reo book out loud to my group. Then I helped to translate the words into English. 

My Birthday

 Not long ago I had my birthday on Divine Mercy Sunday 11 of April which was a unusual day for me no one sung happy Birthday. But I had a lot of presents what I am happy about is my friends sung Happy Birthday to me at Arohanui.

Bombs away

  Today I helped tacking the crochet wings on the butterfly. Its really starting to look like something.

Tiles and more tiles

  I started a new project in my mosaics sessions and its coming along nicely.

Garden Art

E  In garden art we have been making recycled paper out of newspaper it was a lot of fun