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Foundation of the Blind for Guide Dogs

Yesterday we had Francesca came to visit us at Arohanui and she bought her guide dogs Wanda and Samuel. I am a member of the foundation for the Blind and I know what it is all about. 

Guide Dog Biscuits

I have been baking some Guide dog biscuits for the Foundation for the Blind to support the Guide Dogs we made peanut butter and chocolate chip. Today is the death anniversary of Michael Jackson which is to remember him on the 25th of June 2009 

Girls group

In girls group I got my makeup done and in a couple of days we will do it again for our drama production.

Mossops Honey

I enjoyed going to Mossops Honey I had to test the Honey and tried to find where the Queen bee was with her army storming around her. when I was at Mossop's Honey yesterday we were looking at the products in the shop it was interesting to see what they do.


Today in cooking we have been making savoury pinwheels here are some photos to come 


Yesterday in cooking we have been making Lemonade scones. You will see a photo of me with my hands being sticky check it out 

Arts and Crafts

Yesterday in Arts and crafts I have been doing the yarn Bombing on a knitting machine. This is what it looks like