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 I am making myself a traveling toilet kit bag so when I get it done I will take it to Australia when I go back, next 

Life skills

We drew pictures of items where we think they should be stored in the fridge. 

The Way You Make Me Feel

Having a boogie with my friends at Arohanu  

Fresh nails

 I had my Manicure in girls group 

Nails done in girls group


Baby Bllanket

 I have just about finish the blanket I am hoping to put a photo in the middle of the blanket I can’t wait to get it done 

Girls Group

 I  just had Purple chalk in my hair and also straightened my hair and then had smoothing balm put on my hair and now massaging my hands

Life Skills

 In Life Skills we did compliments about ourselves 

Art and craft

Today I have been painting some signs for theArohanui garden. I painted  the words that says thyme I choose purple and green we also did a lemon balm sign and we are going to do a chives sign 

Swimming at Baywave

 I enjoyed my Swim  at Baywave my favourite part was freestyle it was awesome 


 In floristry we made a floral arrangement for work looking awesome 

Life Skills

  In life we did first Aid I have done this before but it was a wesome I enjoyed it 

Present time

 Today in life skills I showed my friends how to wrap a present!

Dinner party

 Today I learnt how to set the table for a meal at home or at a restaurant. 


 I've made a posie to take home.

Life Skills

 Today in life skills we went over how to prepare for the colder weather. 


 Today I made my mother a late bunch of flowers for her birthday.

Cot blanket

 Today I chose the fabric for a cot blanket I am  making as  a surprise gift