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Culture Studies about Turkish

This afternoon my culture studies group went to Lania's café to have a try of some Traditional Turkish cuisine. I had a kebab, Baklava, dolma and hummus and apple tea it was nice. Lanias husband Jimmy gave us some history about Turkey where they come from it was interesting it was a good experience for me it was awesome day.

Kapa Haka in Rotorua

Today I have been to Rotorua Intermediate School to watch a  kapa haka performance. We did the stick kemu I wanted to teach the students how to play another version of the stick game. I bought my own pois from home which we had to do a Waiata E Rere Taku Poi. After that I Inroduce to everybody my pepeha. Everyone was impressed with my confidence. We had lunch at Kurau Park but it was a good day. 

Making Crystals

In Nature Studies last week we started a crystal growing experiment and today we tipped out the blue liquid to see if any of our crystals have grown. Lots of small crystals grew on the bottom of the container. We got a shock to see small crystals escaped and grew over a paper towel that was sitting underneath it was a interesting experiment. 


Matariki happened on July the 16th. Matariki  means the eyes of God. Matariki is the Maori name for the cluster of stars also known as the seven sisters. The Matariki stars symbolize the beginning of the Maori new year. 

Photo shop

In photography today I Edited one my photos by using a paint tool on a photo shop app. I decided to use a purple colour to paint over parts of the image it was interesting 

Hiroshima research

In computers today I was looking up some places in Hiroshima where Joe comes from. I would to go there I haven’t been to Hiroshima before 


I have made a special posie for Mum I thought I would make her happy just to her cheer but I did a nice job of it.