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Ho Ho Meri Kirihimete

 I went to the lakes shopping mall and stopped in to Santa's toy workshop. There were some Christmas activity work sheets like writing a letter to Santa or do your own Christmas wish list and colour in your own Christmas tree to colour in it was a nice outing

Wearable arts Competition

Last Friday I did the cat walk showing off. Some of the kids gave me a high five as I was walking along the cat walk. While I was on the cat walk I did twirls but it was a awesome day  

Wearable Arts

Here I am trying on the dress for the wearable arts that is happening tonight look out   

Christmas tree

I helped to put up the Christmas tree and decorations to make the centre feel more festive for Christmas 


Here I am showing my reflection in the puddle but it looks like showing yourself  in a mirror 

Wearable Arts

 This is my final fitting Before the wearable arts competition I can't wait to do the cat walk and start showing off 

Japanese Culture

In Culture studies we have been studying about Japan. I bought my kimono I put it on for everyone to see and I bought in my photos of Japan 

Grooming Skills

In grooming skills I am practising how to do my own hair which I am trying to do is tie my hair up in a pony tail. It takes me a lot of practise to get better at it.

Manicure at the lakes

Today I had my Manicure. I choose a purple nail polish it is my favourite colour. I had a nice lunch which I bought my own lunch it was nice apart from that I had  some sushi which I ate was the rice and chicken  but not the seaweed all I can say is it was a good day.

Wearable Arts dress

I was trying on the dress but I will be wearing it for the wearable arts competition 

Decor Garden Centre


Making posies in floristry

 I just made this posie for my sister Bernadette for her birthday present she really liked it

Christmas Shop at the Lakes

 Here I am at the shopping mall enjoying myself looking at the Xmas decorations and Santa, Hana Koko is the maori word for Santa Clause it was a good outing 

Having fun in Australia

 Here we are  on the log Fume having fun in the Gold Coast. 

Tinas 15 year anniversary morning tea

Peter did a speech about Tina's 15 years which we all said thank you and we had a shared lunch it was a good day.   

Belly dancers

In Culture studies we had some people doing belly dancing they were awesome. I couldn't do it so I have to keep trying it was a great day   

Wearable Arts

  I have been to a second hand shop and I tried on this dress to decorate with recycled materials for the wearable arts competition.

Music with Sheryl

On Duncan's birthday everybody were singing some songs with Sheryl a friend of Vanessa's it was a good day   

Decor Garden Shop

 Last Friday my outing group went to the Decor garden centre. Jo wanted to show us this Japanese tree.  

Duncan’s 31st

Last Friday it was  Duncan's Birthday which  he bought in a nice strawberry cake it was nice. I gave him some posies for his birthday present but he liked it. I was singing Happy Birthday to him in Maori.  

The lakes Water Park

 Here I am at the water park enjoying myself 

Volunteering for the Foundation for the Blind

 On the 16th of October Paul and I were collecting donations for the foundation for the blind. we volunteered from 1pm to 2pm which it was a good day. 

Latin dancing

 I did Latin dancing for Cultural Studies it was fun 

Art and Craft

 I have just finish my door stop looking good 

Warehouse at Fraser Cove

I went to the warehouse and I saw this awesome book that I would like to get maybe I might get that for Christmas if I am lucky   


 Today in cooking I have been making chocolate chip biscuits but I did a good job 

Culture Studies

On the 28th of September my sister Maureen came over with her kids to do some Irish dancing for Culture studies. I was introducing everybody to the dancers but they were awesome.  Anna and I were singing the Irish National Anthem Ireland’s Call   

2020 Talent Quest

 I did my talent quest which I came second overall Dee did my moko and had feathers in my hair so I looked the part