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Showing posts from September, 2020

Cafe Trip

I had a nice morning tea at the cafe with the girls I had a nice caramel slice and a hot Chocolate

Garden Art

 I am making a fairy garden I made a door using with lollipop sticks. I made a fairy using with clay and feathers for the skirt 

Rogers Farm

Today I went to Roger's  farm. I had a turn feeding Baa Baa the lamb a bottle of Milk then we drove over to the pig pen to feed the 3 little pigs, We had morning tea and lunch at the same time. I was feeding some baby calf's I had to give them some pellets and they liked me but it was a awesome day. 


I have been making the best salad sandwich but I did a good job    

Mosaics picture

 This is the picture that I am doing for mosaics 


I have been making  posies for the Waipuna hospice for the sick  it is a kind thing for me to do.


 In girls group I have been practicing how to plait. 


I have just finish painting my leaf now it is purple looking good.  


I have been to the battle of gate Pa site in photography to take pictures of the carvings and the view on top of the hill. 

Tye Park

Here I am playing petanque enjoying myself 

BBQ at Tye Park

 I had a wonderful time at the BBQ. I enjoyed playing on the playground and eating sausages.

Recycling paper

We have been recycling newspaper which I ripped them into pieces and then put them into the bucket with water. We then blended the mixture into a paper porridge! We used the mixture with the paper kit to make our own recycled paper, which we left to dry.