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Waipuna Hospice

I have been delivering the posies for the Waipuna hospice for the sick which I enjoyed it.    

Nature Studies


Painting the Valcono

Today we painted our volcano 🌋 with brown grey for rocks white for the Ash and dripped down with orange and red for the lava but it is looking good.     


I have just finished project of my shamrock but the next thing is to grout it but it is looking good. 


Here I am at Food bank putting the rice into small bags It looks like I am enjoying it. Here is a photo of my first time at foodbank. 

Sharing Maori language

I have just made a chart for the fridge. each morning I write a  Maori word onto it so that everybody can practice the word of the day during catch up. I teach everyone how to pronounce them.  


I have been relaxing on the massaging chair it was nice.

Sally visiting Arohanui

I have been walking Lily's dog Sally at Yatton park she was enjoying herself  

Eye massager

 I have been trying the centres new eye massager. It will take me a bit of time to get used to it. I also tried the foot massager, it was horrible. It was hurting my feet. Now I am trying the leg massager and I find that comfy. 

Culture Studies

            This is what I have been doing so far in culture studies

Art and Craft

Here is a water coloured painting that shows you spray art work

Making Volcanos in Nature studies

In nature studies we build a volcano using recycled materials and ripped up with newspaper to paper mâché the outside.   

Pampering my nails

I had my nails done ingirls Group today purple nail polish .

Styding Fossils

We studied about fossils. Dee and Lily brought some fossils and I looked in a book to find out what the fossils were. This is a Cephalopod.