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Showing posts from September, 2018

Japanese Sushi

In cooking today we have been making Sushi. I  have been chopping the Cucumber and I rolled my own Sushi. I have been to Japan and watched a cooking show how to make Sushi 


My mosaic is just about finished, I just have a few more tiny holes to fill in.

Drama Production

Today is an exciting day as I am preparing myself for my Drama Production which is called the Emperors New Clothes. Here is a photo of me as the Queen 

Yarn Bombing

We did lots of knitting, we made blue birds and clouds out of felt. We made a rainbow with lots of different colours and the song we choose Somewhere Over The Rainbow Here are some photos to come                        This is the wool we got from Leather Works to                         start our Yarn Bombing 

Sushi with Silverbeet

We made sushi and used the Silverbeet out of the garden, it was so yummy.

Totara street

I went to Totara St music and I was dancing with my friends with Idea Services and I was doing a Maori song I was singing Te Aroha 

Girls group

I made a hairclip in girls group with artificial flowers.

Recipe book

I am sitting with my group writing my recipe for my recipe book.