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My project coming nicely

Girls Group

In Girls group today I just had my nails done now you will see my Avacado mask all over my face from last Monday 

looking Beautiful

I had a make over in girls group. My nails done and a lovely hairstyle. Its hard to improve on perfection but I look fabulous!!

Nau Mai Haere mai Ki te Arohanui

Kia Ora koutou All of my friends are happy to see me back at Arohanui all good to be back

Sending Arohanui

Hope you are doing well Christina we are missing you back here! Cant wait for another visit from you!        .       .     .       .       .        .  Love  .        .     .           .

Get Well soon from your Friends at Arohanui

Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Talofa, and Greetings,  We your friends at Arohanui, want to wish you a speedy recovery and cant wait for you to come back , we hope you are slowly recovering from your hip surgery, and look forward to seeing you again. know we are thinking of you.. Take care Love from all your friends at Arohanui!!!

Hot chocolate!

Delicious hot chocolate in girls group!

Style my hair day

Jewellery making

Today is the first day at jewellery making, I am making a sun catcher.

Group art project

Here I am colouring in the sun on our group art piece. I am using oil pastels and wax crayons.


Experience at Comvita

Today I went to the Comvita in Paengaroa. Our tour guide was Emilia my favourite part at the Comvita was watching some history about the honey bee how they make the honey also I tried some Manuka honey it was nice. Emilia was showing us the honey comb in the frame it was interesting it was a awesome day 

Making Orange Juice

Last Monday we made orange juice in Girls group. We had to peel the skin off and we had to use a juicer machine to make the drink up it was nice. 

Baby Torben

Dee came into visit us and I had a cuddle with Baby Torben.


I have just finish my coasters with my families initials on each coaster I did a good job. 

Finish Project

I have just finish my Minnie Mouse wall hanger looking good 

Pumpkin Pie

Today in cooking we have been making Pumpkin Pie. I can’t wait to take it home 

Dees baby

Dee brought her cute baby boy into see us. His name is a Torben and he was born on the 19th April on Good Friday.

Irish dancers

On Tuesday the 16th of April my sister Maureen and her kids came to Arohanui and their friends to perform a special Irish dance. My nieces were absolutely beautiful. It was a treat for those who have never seen before. 

Fishing at Mauao

This morning at 9:30 Justine, Roydon and I went fishing. I didn't catch any fish but I felt a good bite on my fishing rod that was the time I nearly felt excited just about caught my first fish but Roydon caught a small fish but it was a good day.

3D Trick Art Gallery Rotorua

On Tuesday the 9th of April I went to Rotorua to the 3D Trick Art Gallery. I had a blast of a day and really enjoyed posing for photos in front of all the painting. It was a AWESOME day with heaps of laughter. At the end of the day we fed the deer on the farm next door   

Epsom salts

I helped make scented bath salts in girls group, using rose petals from Leigh's garden and lavender oil.

Apple Crumble

Today in cooking we have been making apple crumble. I can't wait to taste it 

Girls group

we made some yummy grape juice in girls group. We washed the grapes and then picked them off the bunch.


I have just finished my placemats ready for St Patrick’s Day so it is looking good 

Art and Craft with Dee

Today in Art Craft I have been making a Birthday card for my Mum it was her Birthday yesterday so I thought I would make her a card 

Girls group

Monday in girls group Leigh plaited my hair and we made lavender salt dough - very relaxing!

Making Wraps

Today in cooking we have been making our own wraps.   

Valentine Pikelets

Last Tuesday we have been making Valentine Pikelets for Valentines Day. The Pikelets turned out Pink it was Jolly nice 

Girls Group for 2019

Today in Girls group Leigh my team leader, curled my hair check it out. 

Nature Studies

In Nature studies we have been cutting some leaves to describe what types of plants that were on our Journey.